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Reflecting on Confederate Memorial Day

By Celeste Widman / April 19, 2017

Confederate Memorial Day means different things to different people. Some people feel it honors history and those who died in the Civil War. They feel it is patriotic in a way. Other people are bothered by it because they think anything related to the Confederacy stands for racism and slavery. Key Takeaways: Secession was an […]


Dispatches from the front: The Civil War then and now

By Celeste Widman / April 19, 2017

Much can be learned when we seek to understand rather than erase history. This is best done by reading first hand accounts from various sides to form our understanding. Writing under a pseudonym, in 1862, a correspondent for the Charleston Daily Courier and a sympathizer of the south, took many risks to provide readers then […]


Sally Tompkins: Angel of the Confederacy recognized

By Celeste Widman / April 8, 2017

This woman is part of Confederate history ad is finally being recognized. It’s good to see this since women are so often not mentioned even when their accomplishments are very important. Hopefully she will start being talked about in books and in schools as well so people will recognize her name. Key Takeaways: Tompkins wanted […]


Bill’s sharp teeth would defend monuments to Confederacy

By Celeste Widman / April 3, 2017

This interesting bill is going to defend Confederate monuments and symbols. People often want these removed from public view. They want to pretend slavery and the Civil War ever happened but that’s a bad idea because history which is ignored is destined to be repeated at least to some small extend. Key Takeaways: An East […]


The 5th Circuit Confederate Monument Ruling is a Slippery Slope

By Celeste Widman / March 16, 2017

It is a slippery slope for the 5th circuit confederate monument ruling. It was a disappointing ruling for the monuments. The move to remove confederate monuments is spreading. The reason they are being removed is because people feel that they represent something that they do not like. They are inanimate objects, so they really have […]


Understanding Robert E. Lee

By Celeste Widman / March 14, 2017

It’s a tough task to understand Robert E. Lee. He was around a very long time ago. His family had slaves, but he never purchased any though. He had contempt for the practice of keeping slaves. He said that there were people that would not acknowledge that slavery was a bad thing. Lee lived in […]


Our Opinion: Confederate flag calls for debate, not censorship

By Celeste Widman / March 6, 2017

In a victory for free speech, the Confederate battle flag won’t be banished from public schools in North Carolina’s Orange County. Despite pressure from the Northern Orange County NAACP chapter and local students and parents, school board members on Monday declined to adopt a system-wide ban on the rebel flag. That wise and prudent decision […]

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