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8 Facts About the Confederate Flag You Didn’t Know About

By JPF20X30 / May 19, 2019

8 Facts About the Confederate Flag You Didn’t Know About   This is a great article written about our flags. Here is a snippet.   You see the Confederate flag whipping back and forth in the wind, and your heart leaps, as you immediately feel a connection to it. You’re not the only person who […]


Happy Birthday Robert E Lee

By JPF20X30 / January 19, 2019

January 19th is a State Holiday in Florida, Monday in Alabama and Mississippi, Friday Nov 29th in Georgia. Robert E Lee was born on January 19th 1807 in Stanford Hall Virginia. He was a Colonel in the US Army and a General in the Confederate States of America. He was best known as a commander of the  Confederate […]


Fort Sumter to Appomattox Courthouse: The Story of A Confederate Sharpshooter

By JPF20X30 / January 8, 2019

Berry Benson Confederate Sharpshooter Berry Benson was a young Confederate sharpshooter who served in General Samuel McGowan’s First South Carolina Brigade. His memoirs were recently published by the University of Georgia Press as Berry Benson’s Civil War Book. He was in uniform and there for the Civil War’s first gunshots in April of 1861.  He distinguished himself […]


Group Puts Up Billboard Calling for Removal of Seattle Confederate Monument

By Celeste Widman / November 2, 2018

The Make It Right Project erected a billboard on capitol hill, reminding local Seattle residents of Confederate memorial found in the Lakeview Cemetary. The Seattle monument was built by the United Daughters of Confederacy, who has advocated for its movement to a more appropriate location. The Seattle monument is carved from a piece of Stone […]


Mississippi judge removes state flag from courtroom, Buy it here.

By Celeste Widman / October 29, 2018

Judge Carlos Moore, a Mississippi municipal judge, removed the old state flag from his courtroom on his first day because of the confederate emblem displayed on it. Judge Moore did this in defiance of multiple death threats. A new Stennis flag, without the emblem, has taken it’s place. Judge Moore unsuccessfully has tried to sue […]


Did Robert E. Lee have any Regrets?

By maineditor / May 18, 2018

The photo you see above is Robert E. Lee with his son, in 1845. Someone asked me whether Lee ever regretted fighting for the South. General Long worked alongside Lee. He wrote Lee said the following, a day or two before surrender at Appomattox: “…I have never believed we could…make good in the long run […]


“The Yankees were swarming everywhere”

By tech / February 16, 2018

The last time I wrote about Sam Watkins, he got a Minnie ball through his new hat. That’s Sam in the photo above, but definitely not the same hat. (Sam was in Company H, First Tennessee Infantry). Well, it seems the next day he was on picket duty on top of Missionary Ridge. That’s part of […]