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Confederate monument in Tallahassee under fire again

By JPF20X30 / January 21, 2020

Trouble is brewing in Tallahassee with revisionist trying to destroy history.  The obelisk-style monument was dedicated in 1882 and moved onto the grounds of what is now the Old State Capitol in 1923. The words etched into the stone dedicate the monument to preserving the memory of men who fought for Florida in the Civil […]


Charlottesville Judge Says Confederate Statues Don’t Have Discriminatory Message

By JPF20X30 / September 13, 2019

Judge Richard Moore says the 1904 state statute was amended several times, covers all wars, and statues don’t have a discriminatory message.   CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – A Charlottesville judge is denying an equal protection claim from city attorneys over Confederate statues. Judge Richard Moore said Wednesday, September 11, that the 1904 state statute was […]


8 Facts About the Confederate Flag You Didn’t Know About

By JPF20X30 / May 19, 2019

8 Facts About the Confederate Flag You Didn’t Know About   This is a great article written about our flags. Here is a snippet.   You see the Confederate flag whipping back and forth in the wind, and your heart leaps, as you immediately feel a connection to it. You’re not the only person who […]


Happy Birthday Robert E Lee

By JPF20X30 / January 19, 2019

January 19th is a State Holiday in Florida, Monday in Alabama and Mississippi, Friday Nov 29th in Georgia. Robert E Lee was born on January 19th 1807 in Stanford Hall Virginia. He was a Colonel in the US Army and a General in the Confederate States of America. He was best known as a commander of the  Confederate […]


Fort Sumter to Appomattox Courthouse: The Story of A Confederate Sharpshooter

By JPF20X30 / January 8, 2019

Berry Benson Confederate Sharpshooter Berry Benson was a young Confederate sharpshooter who served in General Samuel McGowan’s First South Carolina Brigade. His memoirs were recently published by the University of Georgia Press as Berry Benson’s Civil War Book. He was in uniform and there for the Civil War’s first gunshots in April of 1861.  He distinguished himself […]


General Eisenhower on Robert E. Lee

By JPF20X30 / April 3, 2018

General Dwight Eisenhower retired with five stars on his shoulders. He was the Supreme Allied Commander of World War II. Later, he became the President of the United States. In 1960, Leon Scott wrote Eisenhower a letter. It began: Dear Mr. President:  At the Republication Convention I heard you mention that you have the pictures […]